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Paraplegia & the Quest for Health

I broke my back in an accident, in 1996, which left me as a paraplegic wheelchair user. I went through a conventional rehabilitation process and after leaving hospital I spent four years striving to make the most of my damaged body through my own conscious effort. Then one day I came across Leonid Blyum and his work in Advanced Bio-Mechanical Rehabilitation. Since then we have been slowly but surely rebuilding  the damaged structure of my body and bringing this body of mine back to life.



The greatest barrier to overcoming paraplegia is not nerve damage, but the 'culture of spinal injury' that says recovery is impossible, a culture that is so focused on nerve damage that it totally fails to see the structural, bio-mechanical aspects of the condition and so also fails to see the work that is necessary in order to conquer paralysis.


In this website we explore the following,

- The True Nature of Paraplegia

- The need for a Bio-Mechanically based approach to Rehabilitaion

- Why Conventional Physiotherapy fails to deliver results

- The possibilities of Recovery


My intention is to challenge the established culture of spinal injury and show that recovery is possible through a more enlightened approach to rehabilitation.