My name is Steve Collins and this blog is the story I my journey back to health. At the age of twenty I was knocked off of a bicycle and then run over by a car leaving me with head and leg injuries. Eight years later I managed to crush myself underneath a dumper truck and broke my back. In 2001, after five years living as a paraplegic, I embarked on an extensive therapy program, called Advanced Bio-Mechanical Rehabilitation, under the guidance of the therapy’s creator Leonid Blyum and I am making enormous progress in rebuilding the damaged structure of my body.

My first post was ‘Internal Perception’, published in March 2011, and if you start there and read them chronologically, they tell the story of my quest for health, but feel free to dip into any post which catches your eye.

After fifteen years of ABR Therapy, I continue to make extraordinary progress and hope to go on to make a full recovery.

This blog is part of my website in which I talk of the true nature of paraplegia and the opportunities for rehabilitation through ABR Therapy.



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