Talk on Wednesday 11th May

Talk PosterThe great misconception about spinal injury is to think that it is all about nerve damage when in fact it has far more to do with the catastrophic collapse of the core structures of the body. Becoming a paraplegic is a process that begins with trauma and shock proceeding with bed rest and then rehabilitation, that is generally not conducted in a suitable manner. I will talk of this process and the affect it has on the body in terms of our pneumatic, hydraulic and solid structures.  I will go on to talk of two fundamental principles at work in the body, the ‘Inside out, outside in’ principle and the ‘Top down, bottom up’ principle. The first is the animal principle where kinectic inputs work into the body through the breathing from the inside and through our interaction with the earth from the outside and in the paraplegic these mechanisms do not work as they should. The second is the human principle. The animal is a horizontal creature governed by gravity while the human rises up to live in the polarity between levity and gravity. Our root of strength is in our head with a hierarchical descent down through the body. If we are strong in the animal principle then we naturally attain to balance in the human principle, although in our technological modern world this is not easy. We are easily downtrodden and all too often, in people, do you see the falling out of balance with the absence of levitational force and the surrender to gravity. In order to find that balance, in our time, I believe we need to develop a conscious awareness of the structural nature of our bodies, and how to address the weaknesses, together with finding a new sense of pride, in the individual, to uplift us.
I am a paraplegic, spinally injured in an accident 25 years ago. For the last 21 years I have been working with pioneering therapy techniques to rebuild the damaged structure of my body. As we return quality to the structure it is then possible for the brain to once again recognise the body and the nerve pathways to re-establish. Although work is still ongoing, the transformation of my body is incredible and it is time to share my experience.

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